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Reject the toxic hustle culture and choose rest, self care and joy!

ok... but how?

I’m just so BUSY

If you search “#hustle” on Instagram, there are 25.3 million posts telling us to hustle. Then there are another 3.7 million more telling us to hustle harder, never be satisfied with our work, with ourselves, or with our life. This “hustle culture” has made us believe that we have to hustle 24/7 in order to be happy or successful. I’m done.


Hustling to the point of burnout is detrimental to our well-being and our work. We don’t need to constantly hustle in order to be more successful, smarter, or richer. There are better, less stressful ways to achieve your goals and dreams. But first, we have to understand this hustle culture is TOXIC.


Think about it. We lose sleep, we eat poorly, and we don’t make time for meaningful relationships because we are out hustling for something we probably don’t even want. Now’s the time for a new movement. 


Now’s the time to reject the hustle.

3 easy ways you can Reject the Hustle

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Say No

Say no to things (and people)
that do not bring you joy
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Prioritize You

Make ’self care’
a high priority
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Set Boundaries

Knowing and Understanding
what your limits are

And if for some reason you still need help fighting off that toxic hustle culture– just rest, hydrate and spend time with someone who sets your soul on fire. 

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Reject the Hustle - illustration by Paige Meredith

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