Reject the Hustle - illustration by Paige Meredith

Are you Tired? I am.

I’m tired of working 24/7 and hustling to the point of burnout, hoping I will “make it” one day in my career, my finances, and my social life. I’m tired of being overwhelmed, burned out, and playing a nasty comparison game in my head.

Out of my exhaustion, I became fed-up with the hustle culture and tried to pinpoint why we hustle our lives away. Why we sacrifice our sanity, our health, our passions, and our time with loved ones in hopes to “get ahead.” I then recognized what was contributing to and instigating all this overwhelmingness and comparison… messages on social media.

I read different social media messages that told me to work through it. My social media feed said to “hustle, girlfriend,” “work hard,” “work so hard you never have time for fun,” “if you’re not hustling you’re not successful,” …you get the gist. It occurred to me that this “hustle culture” was toxic to me and my well being.

And it is toxic to you, my friends.

This wasn’t a place I wanted to stay and get comfortable, so I knew there had to be a better way. A better way to work, a better way to live, and a better way to be an example to others.

So, I felt like I needed to take a stand, shout from the rooftops, or just simply share a new message: Reject the Hustle.

Reject being told that we have to do ALL the things and show up everywhere to get ahead. Reject those pretty, sparkly social media messages (trust me, I loved them, too!) that encourage hustle over alignment, burnout over balance, and isolation over inclusion. I’m certainly not saying we shouldn’t work hard…because we absolutely should…but we work hard on OUR terms.

Call this a movement or just a nudge…but I hope you'll help me
spread this message and take the pledge to Reject the Hustle in
your life. And most of all, I hope you'll learn a little something
along the way. Because it's time to Reject the Hustle.

hello there!

Hello there! I’m Allyson. I founded Reject the Hustle in 2019, in hopes of dispelling the myth that you have to work your life away in order to be successful. Believe it or not, there is life outside of getting ahead, and you can lead a wonderful, prosperous life while also taking a nap every once in a while.

In addition to Reject the Hustle, I wear many hats as a business owner, marketing consultant, speaker, and mentor. I run a Boutique Marketing firm, The Twiggs Group, that I founded in 2014, a personal blog, and Reject the Hustle. I use my many platforms to advocate for a healthy/work-life balance and to educate others on how saying “no” can leave room for an abundant “yes.”

In order for us to make a change, we have to stick together. Let’s build a community of people actively choosing to reject the hustle and working together to build each other up along the way. Share your story on how you’re rejecting the hustle, ask for advice, and let’s have some fun! Join Today.