Resources to Help You Say No

Listen, we know that rejecting the hustle won’t be easy and it is something we’ll have to work on each day.  So with that in mind, we’ve provided a few resources below to inspire you, (LOVE Russell Brand), encourage you—some fun things to share on social media, a background for your phone, AND a sticker you can purchase from the awesome artist, Paige Meredith who designed our logo!

Each month we will bring you more resources like this to help us all continue to reject the hustle and focus on self-care, rest and finding more joy in our lives!  And if YOU see any good articles or messaging out there that inspires us to reject the hustle, share it in the Facebook Group.


Social Media graphics

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Instagram Story graphics

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Reject the Hustle sticker by Paige MeredithDid we mention there’s a sticker?

You deserve one.

We were so lucky to work with ultra-talented illustrator Paige Meredith on this project. As soon as we approached Paige with the idea, she was on board and the ideas were flowing! She jumped at the chance to go even further and make a sticker as a tangible reminder to re-focus on what’s important and #rejectthehustle.

You can purchase your very own sticker (and a whole bunch of other really great ones) in Paige’s shop.

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