20 Ways to Reject the Hustle in 2020

Let’s continue to reject the hustle in 2020

Welcome back, friends! We here at Reject the Hustle hope you had a restful and wonderful holiday. We enjoyed resting, rejecting the hustle, and allowing ourselves some time to get back in the swing of things. A new year brings a whole new set of anxieties and pressures to be organized, planned, resolute, intentional, and focused (we’re already exhausted just writing that sentence!) There is immense pressure to launch into a new year with gusto, and let’s be honest, sometimes the motivation (or the energy) isn’t there.

“New Year, New Me…” Yeah, yeah, but what about a nap first?

The phrase “New Year, New Me” is chanted every new year, and although it is not a bad mantra, let us be the first to say that it’s ok to rest first. It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to wake up on January 1st with a forced spring in your step. You don’t have to prove to the world that you are making strides in your life. Truth is, we can ease into a new year protecting our time, effort, and sanity.  We can focus on self-care in January so that our year is off to a great start – on our terms. We can say no, not right now, not yet, and no thank you! If your year starts off a little slower than others, that is perfectly ok. In fact, we highly encourage it!

So, let’s get your year off to the right start. Here are 20 ways to reject the hustle in 2020. These 20 strategies focus on helping you get your year more in alignment with what you really need…time to think, create, dream, grow, and love. You can still have a new year, a new you – just remember to take a nap first.

20 Ways to Reject the Hustle in 2020

1. Unsubscribe

Unsubscribe from emails you don’t read. Yes, I’m talking to you, lady! Quit deleting those emails and just unsubscribe already…it’s ok, they won’t even notice you did it.

2. Unfollow

Unfollow people who make you feel bad about yourself (even if it’s a friend or family member). Or, if you’re not ready to unfollow them, hit mute or snooze for 30 days, but seriously, if someone’s social media posts make you feel icky…byyeee!

3. Be picky with your meeting time

Stop meeting with people who don’t make you happy. We realize this isn’t always possible at work, but can you change the face-to-face meeting to a phone call to make it more bearable? Have an annoying person who keeps asking you to coffee? Just say, no thanks, I’m covered up right now.

4. Don’t you answer that phone

Don’t answer the phone, like ever…ok, maybe not ever, but keep this in mind: we are not meant to be available 24/7. Do we have our phones on at all times? Yes, but that doesn’t always mean we’re available to talk. If you’re not in the mood to talk, try letting calls go to voicemail and see how you feel. If it’s something urgent, that person will text you or leave you a voicemail. Repeat after us: “I do not have to answer that.”

5. That includes texts ^

Don’t respond to texts all the time either. See above!

6. Turn notifications off

Turn notifications off on your phone. This is a lifesaver! Go into that Notification Center on your phone and change your life by turning 90% of them off. You really only need text notifications and calendar…the rest is just noise.

7. No forced resolutions

Don’t feel pressured to make resolutions if you don’t want to. January can really feel like a pressure cooker with all the things we are supposed to do to get the year started off right…says who? Make resolutions if you want to, don’t make them if you don’t want to…it doesn’t matter. Just breathe, girl.

8. No free work

Say no to “pick your brain” meetings you are not committed to. Do you work for free? We didn’t think so.

9. Stick to a morning routine

Create and stick with a morning routine. We don’t care what you do in this routine, just decide what works for you and try your best to stick with it…it works, we promise.

10. Aaaand a nighttime routine!

Create and stick with a nighttime routine, too. See above!

11. Phone a friend

Phone a friend. Find a time that works for both of you and have a real conversation. Connect with someone you deeply care about, and it’ll make you both feel heard and refreshed.

12. Move your body

Exercise is so important to the mind and body. January is also a huge month for gym memberships…if that’s what you want to do, do it! If you just want to walk around the block every afternoon, do it. Just try to move your body every day. Bonus tip: we recommend living room dance parties.

13. Watch your news intake

Watch how much news you consume. it is so easy to obsess over the news these days, but you don’t have to read/watch it all…get what you need to know and move on. No need to dwell on it.

14. R E S T

Slow your mind, sit in silence, take naps, close your eyes, put your phone down, recline your seat in your car at school pick up…but by all means, REST.

15. Sleep

Sleep (not to be confused with rest). You need 8 hours each night, no excuses. It’s been proven. So do what you need to do to get 8 hours every night. We promise you’ll feel so much better when you do. Sleep should always come before your hustle.

16. Hydrate

Listen, it’s cold and dry outside. Our bodies are literally drying up in front of our eyes…water your body all day long by making sure you hydrate hydrate hydrate.

17. Go outside

Going outside and experiencing nature (even if it’s just a walk down the street!) can help our mental health immensely. There’s something about being outside that refreshes us.

18. Journal

In the midst of the business, don’t forget to journal. Write down memories, reflections, disappointments. Take the time to process your emotions and journal.

19. Dream, be inspired!

One of the most atrocious things we can do is forget to dream or be inspired. You should never be too busy to dream!

20. Reject the hustle with your loved ones

Finally, and most importantly, remember to take time to rest with your loved ones. Slow down time by enjoying a meal together, taking a walk, or just talking.


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